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An Ode To OC’s

OK, well, it’s not really a poem but it sounded cool so go with it. I WOULD LIKE EVERY ONE WHO GENUINELY ENJOYS OC’S TO READ THIS AND THEN REBLOG IF YOU AGREE.

Oc’s (original characters) have a bad rep due to a select amount of individuals who just went coo coo for coco puffs and ruined everything for the rest of us. I have noticed that this prejudice tends to happen mostly to FEMALE oc’s. Why? I have no clue. I have rped many male oc’s that honestly, should not be permitted to have an account on tumblr because they’re so terrible and most of all, very Mary Sue (or the make form of that) and are honestly flat out assholes. I’ve also noticed that males tend to pair up. Why? Again, not a clue. Does it matter much? Not really. But there aren’t many lesbian couples out there. (That I’ve seen, I may just be in the wrong places at the wrong times) The moment a female OC shows interest in a male canon or simply tries to rp with them (romantic or simply friend, it doesn’t matter) but that female OC is attacked and tormented and labeled Mary Sue. I will not name the fandom or the characters (because simply stating this will not narrow it down) I once had an OC that had a crush- not a romantic relationship with, simply a crush- on a major character who is shipped with another male character on the show. I followed many of both canon characters in the hopes of maybe finding one who would be willing to para with me- again, not romantic and I made this clear- my character was hated and labeled Mary Sue. No one would rp with her and even though many claimed she was a great character and they’d love to rp with her these people never replied to starters or asks. Could tumblr have glitched and eaten the asks? Possible. The posts? They could have gone unseen. However, I still ended up deleting the character because she wasn’t getting any traffic and it was all because I expressed an interest in rping with one particular male canon who was part of a popular ship.

Could this all be isolated to one fandom or just the people I interacted with? I don’t think so. Many times though through my rping here in the wonderful land of tumblr, I have encountered this problem. Someone expresses a desire to rp with a popular male canon and the oc is attacked. Now, as for the males oc’s, they can do almost no wrong. I have on character, who is clearly meant to be a villain and he is loved by everyone he comes in contact with. I log on to find my ask box full of request to rp and prompts for posts.

Now to my point. My point is to have EVERYONE who thinks that OC’S DESERVE TO BE GIVEN A CHANCE BEFORE THEY ARE WRITTEN OFF PLEASE REBLOG THIS. Because there are some amazing OC’s out there who just want to rp. Male, female, groups, whatever! Rping is supposed to be fun and we’re just making it another popularity contest.


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